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The deregulated Valencia-type machines

The Valencia has excluded the arcade -type of system of administrative authorizations for gaming . With this, the Valencia region comes into line with the Directive of the European Parliament to be such terminals deregulate and allow free access to service activities and exercise .

This action is part of Decree Law 4/2013 of 2 August on the Region provides " urgent measures for the deficit reduction and the fight against tax fraud and other measures in the management of the game."

The said decree is reflected the need to further reduce the current level of public deficit of the Government , in order to achieve the goals set in this field , as well as to adapt to the current state and community regulations certain aspects of the organization of Play in Valencia. This requires the adoption by the Government of new extraordinary and urgent measures , including fiscal measures and liberalization of certain gambling activities in which, or there is no monetary prize for the player, or your participation in the game is included free.

Source : Opergame

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